Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I HATE Mondays! Then again, who doesn't? This Monday wasn't THAT bad though, I gave my notice at work. I told my supervisor that I'm going back to school full time. Now I just have to wait and see if it's ok that I stay on part time.

I didn't post last night as I was too lazy to go thru the photo routine. My computer won't read my camera card, so I have to upload to dh's computer, then save to memory stick to get them to mine. Total PITA. Pain in the ass.

I had planned on going to Hip-Hop class last night, so prepared a Caprese Insulate, or Caprese Salad for a filling snack to hold me (and sister Lyn) over until dinner after class around 9. It was FABULOUS.

Caprese Salad

-Fresh Mozzarella
-Olive Oil
-Balsamic Vinegar

There are much more complex versions of this salad out there, believe me, I looked them up on all my recipe apps on my iPod Sunday night. Most were a little more involved and let's face it, I'm lazy. I even had fresh basil in the fridge but was too lazy to take it out, clean it, and add it to the salad. I simply sprinkled dried basil and it was still out of this world.


Dinner time!

I love my husband for many reasons, but last night I fell even more in love with him. He offered to make dinner. Now I'm trying to lose weight and am currently on WW, so WW friends, LOOK AWAY. This dinner will take your points just by looking at it.

Yes, gloriously processed Mac and Cheese and kielbasa and cheddar links. Bon Appetite.

I actually totaled up what I ate and it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I ended up with a 13 point dinner, not too shabby! A cup of mac and cheese prepared is 9 points (probably less as I cut down the butter by 2/3), and 2 servings of kielbasa is 4 points. (Turkey kielbasa) About halfway through that bowl my body was like "oh, HELL no!" you're not eatting that. So I gave the rest to dh.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the night with an AWFUL stomach ache. Just drowned it with water and moved on!


Tonight's meal was another minimal effort on my part. Breakfast for dinner. YUM. Didn't photograph as I was WAY to hungry to take the time to, but consisted of:

-2 eggs over easy
-Hash browns (with Mrs.Dash)
-Decaf coffee

Kinda looked like this, just add hashbrowns:

Oh, and some decaf coffee, these are the shiznit:

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