Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. Laundry. Check. Cleaned 2 out of the 4 bathrooms. Check. Kitchen clean. Check. Time to blog. Check!

I've decded that I want to start blogging about my cooking! I LOVE TO COOK!! Baking too... just any sort of creating food/meals.

I moved to Virginia a year ago to be with mi amor, and have not regretted it yet. I miss my family and a LOT about New Jersey and Philly, but I'm creating a life down here. We have a beautiful home, good jobs, and more recently I've been givn the opportunity to go back to school full time. I am blessed and truely happy.

I grew up with home cooking. Like REAL home cooking. Every night of the week we had homemade meals, including pizza! (see my next post!)

I will take pictures of everything I make and post recipes and reviews!

I am REALLY excited about this!

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